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Anna Krasnikova

BSc., MSc., Account Manager and Executive Assistant to President and CEO

“There is always a way—you either haven’t discovered it or you haven’t created it!“

Anna’s role as an Account Manager involves support, research and data collection for specific projects. She maintains Pilot° contact databases, generating invitation lists for everything from press conferences to major events. Anna is directly involved in event planning and execution. As Assistant to the CEO, she is responsible for coordinating daily agendas, meetings, and appointments. Smiling and energetic, Anna is also the lead for all things social at Pilot°!

Anna holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Quality Control degrees from the Odessa State Economic University, Ukraine and is fluent in four languages. She has worked in various marketing and administrative capacities in Egypt, India, the United States, and in her home country, Ukraine. Anna’s passions include the fashion industry, world travel and her family. When not exploring new countries, you will find Anna outside doing her favorite thing of all, playing with her son Max!

“Life is too short. Travel before you run out of time!”