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Genuosity: Unpacking the Power of Authentic Generosity

July 31, 2023

Even though traditional and more established dictionaries may not yet recognize it, the term "genuosity" has found a niche in the realm of contemporary language. I extend my appreciation to for validating my suspicion that this word was gradually gaining acceptance. 

As per the urban dictionary, genuosity is identified as the sense of joy you experience in the presence of people who are truly genuine, their authenticity giving rise to pure happiness. In my interpretation, genuosity is a form of generosity deeply ingrained in an individual's character and is not motivated by any sort of ambition for acknowledgement or applause. It's about having a sincere and genuine spirit that derives personal pleasure from performing acts of kindness. Perhaps there's an underlying hope that this positivity will influence others around them. 

My awareness of this word was recently heightened during a radio interview I was listening to, featuring Craig Pike, the owner of Craig’s Cookies. This interview was timed around the then-upcoming St. John’s Pride Parade and aimed at sparking a broader conversation around the actions, or lack thereof, of the business community in cultivating welcoming environments for the 2SLGBTQIA+ and other marginalized communities. 

During this conversation, Craig voiced numerous thoughts that have stayed with me. When probed about businesses opportunistically hopping onto the “Parade Bandwagon,” Craig conceded that such a possibility existed, but deftly navigated the conversation away from this negative perspective. He managed to gracefully sidestep discussions angled at comparing varying degrees of year-round engagement or acceptance within the business world. 

Choosing his words wisely, he said, “The hope is that everyone is doing the best that they can.”  and “What the world needs now is more grace around these conversations,” (as we all educate ourselves). In doing so, he communicated an underlying optimism, subtly endorsing the notion that it's acceptable to occasionally falter during uncomfortable conversations, as long as the underlying intention is positive. 

So, here's a heartfelt thank you to Craig! His display of genuosity has been truly inspiring. While I admit that my awareness and understanding of contemporary social issues might not be as evolved or "woke" as some of the staff here at Pilot°, his words have encouraged me to approach my uncertainties with less apprehension. Instead of fretting about the stuff I don't yet know, his genuosity has sparked an increased interest in learning more about inclusivity and the myriad benefits that accompany it. 

By embodying genuosity, Craig Pike has served as a great role model for business owners and an ambassador for understanding, acceptance, and generosity. His philosophy of learning, growing, and embracing change without fear of making mistakes is an important reminder for us all. As we progress and strive to make our society more inclusive, let's keep the spirit of genuosity in our hearts and minds. It's a testament to the fact that true progress and acceptance stem from authenticity and a genuine desire to make a positive impact.