The Pilot° Platforms

At a glance, everything we offer at Pilot° builds from these three platforms:

  • Marketing and Communications Strategic Planning (we figure it out)
  • Identity, Marketing and Communications Tactics and Collateral (we give you whatever you need to reach your objectives, what you can see, hear and touch)
  • Ongoing Communications and Marketing Counsel (we stay onside for support)

It's an integrated and proven approach that can get you exactly where you need to be. Truly full-spectrum communications and marketing. From smooth-as-silk takeoffs to picture perfect landings, we're with you every step of the way.

Agency life is busy. Check back soon for our full interactive portfolio.


We believe that successful organizations are driven by communications strategies shaped to respond to both the local terrain and the global context. That’s why we’ve got our ears to the ground and our eyes on the horizon, ensuring our clients are guided by the best and most current knowledge and insight available. Our expertise ranges from effective community relations programs for both industries and governmental entities to high-profile fundraising campaigns to communications counsel and media relations for highly sensitive public inquiries. 

Pilot° is your ideal partner for any and all of the following:

  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Industry Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Government Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Media Monitoring


You have a vision for where you want to go, but how to get there? As an extension of your team, we integrate seamlessly into your enterprise to bring you the capacity for strategic thinking and planning you need but may have difficulty sourcing in-house. We figure it out, with you and for you.

Pilot° delivers:

  • Research
  • Facilitation and Focus Groups
  • Strategic Planning, Tactics and Tools
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Results-based Evaluation 


In the age of advertising clutter, invasive and persuasive communication is everywhere. We've learned from long experience that you can't persuade someone who just isn't listening. Building on that understanding, we begin all our advertising campaigns with two premises: people are intelligent, and they need to be engaged. Focusing on the unity, integrity and visibility of the message, Pilot° delivers integrated collateral programs across all media that get your message heard, wherever you need it to be.Our team stays up to date on emerging trends in the fast-moving world of advertising, including the rapid evolution of social media. We sift through the clutter to create the advertising strategies that drive the media and the message, always focused on results. 

Executions include:

  • Print
  • Online
  • TV/Video
  • Direct
  • Radio
  • Stunt
  • Anything Else We Can Think Of


Labrador North Chamber of Commerce

Fueled largely by resource development mega-projects, Labrador has begun an economic renaissance in recent years. The Labrador North Chamber of Commerce has been offering event management services for many years and was looking to develop a brand that would better capitalize on Labrador’s potential as a meetings and conventions destination. We developed a dynamic brand identity that represented Labrador as a destination, as well as the professional abilities of the team. Our integrated communications and marketing plan was designed to get them the most buzz for their buck.

Brand Identity

How do people see you?

So much more than a logo, a brand is the emotional connection between you and your audience. Great brands own their positioning and live by it in all they do.  A brand is both a promise you're making and the living embodiment of your values. We help make sure you're making the right promise, one that you can be happy to live by.

We work closely with our clients on:

  • Brand Evaluation
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Refresh
  • Brand Architecture and Brand Guardianship
  • Brand Identity Elements (logo, wordmark, palette, messaging)
  • Graphic Standards for Brand Integrity

Goose Cove Retreat

In recent years, Newfoundland and Labrador has experienced a well-publicized boom in its tourism sector, however the owners of Goose Cove Retreat saw a niche that wasn’t being met. They set out to design an executive-caliber private retreat in the heart of bustling Trinity Bay. We provided a brand their target demographic could trust, a highly visual and experiential website, and a marketing plan to make sure it was reaching the right people at the right time.

Agency life is busy. Check back soon for our full interactive portfolio.

Seasons Greetings from Pilot° Communications from Pilot Communications on Vimeo.

Agency life is busy. Check back soon for our full interactive portfolio.
Agency life is busy. Check back soon for our full interactive portfolio.

Online / Interactive

The next generation of communications and marketing has arrived. In this digital world, it may seem that everything has changed, but the essential principles of communication are still the same: go deep to understand an objective, arrive at insight, and be remarkable in your creative execution. At Pilot° we’re never satisfied with gee-whiz gadgetry unless we’re communicating a message with purpose.

Our expertise includes:

  • Social Media
  • Digital Design
  • Web/Multimedia
  • Online Advertising
  • Client Education 

Aurora Energy

The anticipation was palpable at Aurora Energy.  It had discovered one of the largest undeveloped uranium deposits in the world, right here in Central Labrador.  Understandably, the people of the region had a lot of questions and reservations about the potential impact of such a development.  Aurora engaged us to help them meet Labradorians on their level to explain the economic benefits of a uranium mine to the region, as well as the world-class levels of environmental and safety precautions.  We developed a communications plan, collateral, facilitated community information meetings, and developed a comprehensive website to help bridge the gap between these two groups.

Event Management

Combining and coordinating hundreds of details to deliver a singular experience--managing an event is not unlike leading an orchestra, and Pilot° has produced some amazing experiences. From consultation through execution, when everything requires precise planning, Pilot° delivers.  Pilot°’s event management portfolio includes a self-government signing ceremony involving multiple levels of government and public participation, a ship christening, and a multi-tiered fundraising effort culminating in the most successful single evening event in the history of Newfoundland and Labrador.

We offer:

  • Event Conceptualization
  • Core Messaging
  • Stakeholder Communications
  • PR/Media Relations
  • Collateral Development and Production
  • Venue Logistics and Audio-visual Services
  • Delegate Coordination and Transportation
  • Protocols
  • Evaluation 

Nunatsiavut Government

Pilot° acted as an "on-call" communications counsel for the Labrador Inuit Association and then the Nunatsiavut Government from 2003 onward.  Over that time, we helped engineer one of the highest participation rates in aboriginal self-gorvernment campaigns anwyhere in North America, one that was a resounding success.  Over the years, we have developed communications and transition plans; news bulletins; print ads; press kits; presentations and speeches; built a web presence and photo catalogue, as well as providing media relations and event management.

Agency Life is Busy. Check back soon for our full-featured interactive portfolio.
Agency Life is Busy. Check back soon for our full-featured interactive portfolio.

Community Investment

A better world begins at our doorsteps, and most companies and individuals we know like the idea of giving back. On numerous projects ranging from Easter Seals House to Daffodil Place, Pilot° is proud to have worked with clients to develop leadership in corporate responsibility, contribute toward successful community investment initiatives and change hearts and minds along the way.

We provide:

  • Project Conceptualization
  • Capital Campaign and Fund Development Planning
  • Collateral and Logistics
  • PR/Media Relations and Media Training
  • Project Evaluation