Raising the Bar in Our Community 08.14.2012

Rogers Bussey connects with its corporate social responsibility

As sponsors of countless local initiatives, including the men’s championship crew at the Royal St. John’s Regatta and the annual Knights of Columbus Community Christmas Dinner, the lawyers at Rogers Bussey are proud to play a role as part of the local community.

Pilot˚developed a comprehensive campaign encompassing television, theatre, radio, print and online ads to raise awareness of these community-based activities, while differentiating Rogers Bussey from the competition. “Raising the Bar in Our Community” focuses on these many different activities and events to highlight the firm’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

With the recent purchase of Brother O’Hehir Arena, Rogers Bussey is able to further their goal of increasing participation and accessibility of sports, and in turn, bettering the community. Rogers Bussey is also proud to sponsor a metro-league men’s hockey team, a men’s rugby team, boy’s basketball and an under-16 girl’s soccer team, and has contributed to the Victoria Park Lantern Festival.

Congratulations are well-deserved for the Rogers Bussey men’s rowing team, who pulled off their third consecutive Triple Crown win at this year’s Royal St. John’s Regatta.  Well done!

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